Ocean freight services

Ocean freight services

LCL consolidation [ less than container consol program ]

The process of consolidation through less than container load (LCL) shipping of cargo - which involves multiple shippers and consignees in a single shipping container - has allowed thousands of shippers to move their cargo at economical prices when they cannot fill an entire full container load (FCL) solely by themselves.

The only alternative for the time bound LESS THAN CONTAINER cargo which cannot sit at the container freight station for weeks and it only moves out when the container is full is to get it loaded in the LCL CONSOLIDATION.

Big Navigators can fill this niche effectively as they can collect cargo from multiple forwarders and build a consolidation box service that gets loaded in the planned vessel schedule with fixed cut off and sailing. This entire process has eased out many hiccups for the customers to stretch their productions and economically benefited by getting the cargo loaded in the planned vessel at a lower cost under LCL consolidation program.

As an LCL consolidator , Big Navigators provide various exclusive LCL consolidation program depends on the nature of the cargo and the handling process requirements.

1. MCC consolidation program

2. Direct consolidation program

3. Buyer consolidation program

4. CCC consolidation program

5. Dangerous cargo consolidation program

MCC consolidation program

Multi country consolidation [MCC consol] , is unique service offered to the customers which has regular sailings at origin and reworked at the transhipment ports. The reworked cargo are loaded in the exclusive alloted containers for their final destination at the transhipment warehouse. This MCC consolidation is an eye opener for most of the customers who has less volume for rare destination and they don't need to shell out heavy freight for moving the shipments.

Direct consolidation programs

Direct consolidation is the exclusive point to point service process of having the cargo moved without any reworking at any transhipment ports and this program supports the entire supply chain by reducing the transit time by getting loaded in the direct premium vessels with lesser transit sailings. The port to port operation needs only the professionals who have regular volumes at origin for the particular destination and the consistency in operational process is mandatory to get the direct consol container connected in the weekly sailings. The inland port shipments are moved out from the destination port in the customs bonded truck on a regular basis and this supports all the customers near the inland destination to have their cargo arrive at inland dry ports in a very cost effective manner.

Buyer consolidation program

An important part of managing global suppliers is taking advantage of the benefits that come from consolidating less than container load (LCL) shipments into full containers. This allows companies to control the release of parts and know where they are in the supply chain, as close to real-time as possible. This enables easy decision making when unpredictability and risk need to be incorporated in the supply chain planning. This very effective consolidation technique, commonly known as buyers consolidation, promotes the great opportunity to combine supply flows for most of the buyers at destination, easing out the logistics process for the big buyers. Multiple suppliers are contacted by our customer service team and collect the cargo at the designated warehouse and the cargo is segregated according to the planned destination and the stuffing process will be done as per the requirement of the buyer's destination.

CCC consolidation program

Thanks to globalization, which has helped to speed up movements and exchanges of goods, and services, capital, technologies or cultural practices all over the planet. One of the effects of globalization is that it promotes and increases interactions between different regions and populations around the globe.The CCC consolidation program is a globalization process exclusively operated with the great support from the overseas network partners. This unique operation provides great opportunities for the buyers and suppliers to control their shipment movements to different countries all under one roof. This entire operation is well planned in a professional manner as per each countries requirements. The new CCC program has supported many buyers' commitment towards their business across the world.

Dangerous cargo consolidation program

Exclusive Dangerous goods cargo consolidation is the niche program operated by Big Navigators team, which are handled by the DG certified operators at both origin and at destination. Firstly, dangerous goods cargos (DG) require higher levels of compliance and regulation in terms of trucking and freight movement, warehouse storage and customs documentation. This complexity of handling DG cargo cannot be managed at scale so easily due to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) checks , it also requires rich knowledge on the DG class / UN and IMCO details and needs to be forwarded with proper and relevant documents to shipping lines for final loading approval. The loading and devanning process for exclusive dangerous cargo needs experts with a DG certified operation team at origin and at destination only at the exclusive DG warehouse.

It therefore makes sense to load such cargo with a DG consolidator who has the specific expertise to handle it in a professional manner.

DESTUFF in 24 hours

The entire process of handling the LCL consolidation depends on the time taken at destination on devanning / destuffing the containers. The ground rule of Big Navigators is DESTUFF in 24 hours from the time of landing of the container at the destination port. This process of devanning within 24 hours at container freight station has been monitored and kept a tab on each operational process by our rich experienced operational team to ensure this process is consistent to keep our promise to our customers.

Online delivery order is new system driven technology which erased the unwanted manual process of visiting offices for collecting the delivery orders.The online delivery orders are released and sent to the customer mail ids by collecting the relevant documents and same details are forwarded to container freight station for preparing the delivery process at warehouse and same day delivery is arranged to avoid any further storage charges at warehouse.